Intuition — trust it!

I’ve just made one of the biggest, life changing decisions for a very long time. Even bigger than stopping my course earlier this year. I guess you could say I’ve decided to give up the day job. I’m quitting teaching exercise in gyms and health clubs from the end of the month. After ten years of fabulous, energetic fun I realised last week it was time to quit.

It manifested last week when despite it only being hubby and me at home we were living like students. The house was a state, it looked like Wayne and Waynetta Slobs ideal environment and I didn’t have time to sort it out. That bothered me.

I also had 61 unread emails in my inbox which I had to sit down and sort out and I hadn’t. That REALLY bothered me.

I’d agreed to do favours for people that I’d forgotten about the minute we’d stopped discussing it. Not at all useful.

And I was generally trying to be everything to everyone and not doing any of it well, if at all. At that point you know something has to change. But there was something else I was getting irritated with too. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was like an annoying fly keep buzzing around my head. It had been there for weeks, making me ratty. Then I heard it, this little voice in my head saying “give your classes up, you need to give them up”. It wasn’t a case of devil vs angel on my shoulder, it was a nagging, persistent voice that wasn’t going to stop until I listened.  Something really needed changing.

So, there and then I thought about it. Realised ‘the voice’, my intuition call it what you like, was right and decided there and then that they were all to go. I didn’t feel sad about it, I didn’t feel concerned that I was knocking a hole in my income, or that I might get fat if I no longer exercised regularly (all the things that had kept me going before!) all I really felt was quite relieved that I didn’t have to do it any more. That’s when you know the decision is the right one.

Teaching group fitness has made me what I am. I think I only really became me once I put shorts and a microphone on and had to exercise in front of 25-30 people each week. I loved it. Infact I’ve loved it for 9 years and 10 months, but just recently it has become a bit of a J.O.B. I never wanted that. If I’d have wanted a job I would have also expected pay rises and holiday/sick pay. You don’t work as an instructor if you want those things! You do it for the passion of it, not the financial reward or the glamour!

Finding a career that you love, having a job which isn’t work is a dream for many. I’ve had that with group fitness. But now it’s time to move on, I have plans for much more — all things food related, health and nutrition based, Fit Camp oriented, out door exercise sessions, the list goes on. But to make space for these things happen, something has to go.

So bye bye my lovely members who have been so loyal to me year in and year out. I’ll miss the singing and heckling, the leotards and the leg-warmers, the moaning, groaning and laughing and I’ll miss your mock appreciation for my singing and humour. I’ll miss the silly fancy dress outfits at Christmas, the lunches, the themed classes and the charity events. I’ll miss the thrill of getting everyone moving at the same time in the same direction and the satisfaction of a good workout well done by all participants regardless of ability or fitness.

But I won’t miss the early mornings, the last minute choreography learning, the heavy feeling of the third pump class in 36 hours, trying to cover classes, the drip of sweat off my elbows, the warm smell of over-worn gym kit, the gazillionth reminder of how to do a move and the nights out working…oh no I won’t miss that one bit!

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