Quick Gut Health Facts from the Conference

And here are the most important facts (and funnies) I took from the day.

  1. Women are twice as likely to suffer with gut or digestive problems then men.
  2. In Japan it’s a government health recommendation that you chew your food 30 times before swallowing. In studies obese groups who chewed 30x a mouthful lost more weight than those who didn’t.
  3. People who have had the diseases measles, mumps and rubella are protected from auto-immune disease and allergies.
  4. Our western world has many more nutritional deficiency related diseases than the developing nations. This is because we are sanitised and vaccinated to a ridiculous level, allowing every bug and germ to attack our vulnerable systems.
  5. Your gut flora is only as good as your mother’s. You get your gut health from her though the birth canal when you are born. If you are a caesarian delivery then your gut flora is that of the environment around you at that time. When pregnant it is imperative to look after your gut flora to give your child the best prevention against common conditions like asthma, eczema, autism, dyslexia.
  6. Cholera is the only condition that will completely clear out your gut flora meaning you have a chance to restart (not recommended!)in this instance the body keeps a small reserve in your appendix. I’ve not got mine anymore — what about you?
  7. 78% of people don’t realise they have coeliac disease.
  8. Frequent mouth ulcers can be a sign of coeliac disease.
  9. In studies probiotics produced better pain reducing results than morphine in people with abdominal pain.
  10. Stop being so clean! Let your children and babies get a little bit grubby, eat some mud, lick a shoe, stomp in a puddle. They’ll be stronger for it! 🙂
  11. Damaged and unhealthy gut flora is an epidemic in modern societies. It should be the first place to rectify before any thing else when addressing chronic health problems. Consider too that your gut flora is instrumental in some vitamin production, so if it’s damaged you won’t be able to produce the basics to keep you healthy.
  12. What is constipation? Having a bowel movement fewer than three times a week. Hard stools, needing to strain.
  13. What is diarrhoea? Having more than  three loose bowel movements a day.
  14. There are trains of thought that suggest that the second phase of the menstrual cycle (the two weeks up to the period) when progesterone is higher is one of the reasons that women suffer more with gut problems than men.
  15. Want to know what your poo should look like? Thought not, but I know you will ! Stool Chart
  16. IBS is likely to have psychological links. Look for patterns by keeping a food, mood and loo diary.
  17. Constipated? Try linseeds soaked in water, have a weak black coffee or two a day, make sure you’re not dehydrated or stressed and remove wheat.
  18. Diarrhoea? Try less fruit, reduce alcohol, remove coffee and dairy, reduce vitamin C supplementation. Drink black or green tea.
  19. Men have faster transit times (food passes through more quickly) than women.
  20. This was disputed, but pumpernickel translates to ‘Devil’s Fart’ — which I thought was funny as rye really doesn’t agree with me, if you know what I mean!
  21. Finally — got wind? Go wheat free, chew food well and eat sat down and slowly, remove beans and lentils, reduce onions, leeks and artichoke. And avoid flying…! How practical is that? “I can’t travel to (insert city of choice) Mr Boss-Man, it aggravates my wind”
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