100 Day Fitness Challenge

This Sunday 23 September marks 100 days until the end of 2012.

What an opportunity to set a goal or two. To make a change.

I am setting a community 100 Day Fitness Challenge. For 100 days you do some exercise every day. Each day you do, you contribute between 50p-£1 to charity. It can be anything from a walk, to a swim to a football match or aerobics class. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are. You do what you can do. Each Sunday I am going to run a free outdoor exercise session for challengers to attend and join in with. It is also a chance to bring donations in for the week you’ve just completed.

The charity is one close to my heart. The Weston Price Organistation was founded to educate people on health through good nutrition and food. It’s an area I am passionate about and am excited to do this challenge for them.

This Sunday 23 September (the first session) will be held at 0900 at Bearwood Recreation Ground in Winnersh. It will be a fitness test to ascertain where everyone is starting from. It doesn’t matter where you start from, it’s your test, no one else’s. The tests will be:

  • bleep test
  • press up test
  • sit up test
  • burpee challenge
  • vertical jump test

We will meet again on 31 December to remeasure and see who has improved the most. The winner of the 100 Day Challenge will be the person who has both raised the most money and improved the most.

My own regime will be posted in Facebook so I can hold myself accountable each day. Join me there! Or join in virtually.

Let me know you are coming along on Sunday by email (heidistrickers@gmail.com) and I’ll keep you posted with updates.

Enjoy the journey!

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