10 reasons why I love Nordic Walking…

I’ve just got back from another delightful walk. This is why I love it so…

  1. I am not in an office doing this…
  2. I get to see views like this, this and this each time I go out.





3. It can be social, where you can chat your way around with a walker pal or two.
4. It can be personal, where you walk on your own, with your own thoughts enjoying the surroundings.
5. You are outside…bliss!
6. It helps with back aches — one of my ladies has seen improvement in her back and hip pain since Nordic Walking regularly.
7. It helps with mood — another of my ladies has seen huge improvements in her mood by adopting a regular walking programme as part of her fitness schedule.
8. It doesn’t matter if you are very fit or new to exercise, all levels can be catered for.
9. It’s a movement we do naturally already, adding in the poles is an easy addition to enhance the exercise.
10. You get to see bits of your neighbourhood and environment you can’t get to by car, and it is beautiful. Wildlife is abundant, fellow dog walkers and horse riders are all very friendly and sociable, there is no ‘road rage’ when you’re walking!

If you’d like to join me on one of my walks please email me at heidistrickers@gmail.com and I’ll include you on the newsletter that gives you dates, times and locations. I do have a long walk coming up on Thursday 25 October starting at 09.30 for about a 3 hour walk if you’d like to join us for that!





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