100 days in…how is it going for you?

Today marks 100 days into 2013.

What have you done with it? Or did it pass you by in a blur of days like they always do?

If your New Years Resolution seems a long way off and the thought of making more fills you with dread. Change the rules.

Yep. Let’s start a mid-month resolution.

Decide that for 30 days you’ll make that change you’ve been promising to yourself for ages, but keep breaking.

Too long? Too scary? How about 14 days? 7 days? Hell, why not just do one day at a time! Now there’s an idea.

Take each day one at a time to make small steps to improving yourself. Perfect. I reckon that you can do that.

So what are you going to do today?

Because I am daft for 100 day challenges I am today on my final day of 100 days grain free. It’s been a doddle actually. Way easier than 100 days of 100 burpees!

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

The Costa Coffee shops I have been to don’t serve grain free things. Well, maybe chocolate but that’s never a good thing with coffee, way too addictive.

Starbucks are a bit better, but I like their coffee less.

I don’t miss pasta or pastry (got my own almond based recipe) bread or crackers. But I do miss what I put on them.

You see I love marmalade.  Toast and butter is perfect for that.

I am also rather partial to a cheese and piccalli sandwich, but merely for the vehicle in which to contain it all.

I was the Queen of the flapjack for a long time, but only because they are sweet, not necessarily because they are oats.

I have won the battle of an insatiable appetite and regular picking at food.

I have baked grain free birthday cakes and got through Easter without any glitches.

The niggly health issues which have substantially reduced or gone completely.

  • I don’t get tired mid-afternoon.
  • No wacky mood swings in the month.
  • No face spot break outs.
  • My weight is now stable and constant.
  • Improved, but not yet perfect digestion.
  • Much reduced but not yet completely removed skin inflammation (dermatitis herpetiformis) that I’ve had for 20 years, but only discovered what it was after reading the wonderful book called “Wheat Belly” by William Davis.

Will I keep it up? Almost certainly. You might find me eating some rice somewhere, but the benefits and ease of conforming are so easy that I can’t see why I would go back to eating grains (especially wheat) again.

And finally, for the record. I think I’ll give 100 Day Challenges a miss for the next section of the year, preferring to work just one day at a time, constantly heading in the right direction for me.

What about you?

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