Dax Moy – The Magic Hundred

So a few weeks ago I decided I needed a bit more focus. I am great at thinking I am busy, but also excellent at not getting much done. So I wanted to focus my thoughts on making some progress with all aspects of my life.

I was already aware of many of the goal setting programmes and self help books available. I have loads of them (isn’t that telling?!). However without an incentive or some motivation to keep going I drift off to my old ways of doing things.

The Magic Hundred from Dax Moy is such a programme. Daily email reminders to keep you on track are really useful for me as I forget what new habits I am working on forming. He kicks you back into the rhythm with a gentle reminder.

In fact it was one of these emails about 2 weeks into the programme that made me realise that I’d made a school girl error and written my goals incorrectly. I took the time to redo them and am now happier that I have set challenging goals for the remainder of my time.

Thursday 22 September marks 100 days left until the end of 2011. What have you achieved this year? Is it enough? Want some more fun? Career opportunities? Better quality of life? Pop over to Dax’s Facebook Group and see what others are doing!

For more info on the full programme Click Here!



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