Kettlebell Training

So, I survived a pretty long two day kettlebell course at The Chelsea Club, a very prestigious gym in the grounds of Stamford Bridge football stadium.

The Kettlebell Academy, owned and delivered by Ramon English, produced an excellent course that not only broke down each basic move but also detailed how to correct, common faults, work with common problems that clients present with and how to use the kettlebell in the rehabilitation programing.

The first day was a level 1 course.  There were about 11 of us, day 2 was a separate course, level 2, 🙂 and 5 of us carried over into this second day. Day two introduced the power moves and once again showed how to break down and build confidence in clients by giving them good technique from the beginning.

We had an assessment on day 1 (unexpected! — must read pre-course notes properly in future!) and we had to complete a series of kettlebell swings and  Turkish Get Ups. Results later this week!!

Day two saw us discussing more than just kettlebells. From nutrition to pea protein, to metabolic typing to NLP, to 4 months off work (nice eh?) and time management. Ramon has a lot to say on these subjects and more, I could have skipped the kettlebells and listened longer, but that doesn’t make you better! So on we went and managed to make progress with cleans, clean and jerks and military presses (I liked those).

Assessment for day 2 is to be videoed so I have some work to do!

All in all a great weekend. Meeting like minded people wanting to improve themselves is always inspiring and being on the other end of fitness instruction makes a nice change too!

The tag line? “you haven’t trained.. until you’ve swung a bell!TM”
given that I have that pleasant, post exercise ache, I can agree. Off now to swing that bell!

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