Medical Intervention? No thanks…

I’ve heard two stories this week involving medical intervention that have been alarming and sad all at the same time.

I read today about a  woman who was going for a routine cortisone injection into her neck/shoulder. She’s been having it for years. This time they accidentally injected into an artery and caused an aneurism and haemorrhage. She is now in ICU and not yet in a stable condition. No one knows how well she’ll recover.

Another story of a woman in her early 30s who was overweight and needed to have her gall bladder removed. Given that the gall bladder is fairly important in your digestion, I’d want to change my habits and avoid an operation so I could keep mine.

Why do we feel compelled to follow medical intervention rather than thinking, ‘why am I not working properly? what do I need to do to fix it?’

I realise that it’s not always black and white. But the body is an amazing machine, feed it right, move it properly and regularly, give it rest and fun and it will function optimally. That’s what it wants to do! 🙂




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