My own nutritional consultation

As many of you know I am about to embark on a 3 year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. The past year has been spent completing and passing a Science Access course at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond. Now the real work starts in October with weekend lectures and lots of homework….

Anyway in preparation for what we will be doing, we are invited in to be guinea pigs for the year 2 students. You’re treated the same as a fee paying client and recommendations are made at the end of the hours consultation, however the person conducting the session is videoed so her peers can watch in and she is also observed in the room by a tutor who does nothing but write notes!

I was late. This wasn’t a good start. I really, really hate being late. Ask any of my classes, I start bang on time and finish on the dot. I don’t like keeping people waiting. So I was frustrated that my journey hadn’t gone to plan.

She was so nervous. Shaky in hands and voice nervous. I felt so sorry for her. The main part of the consultation is to go through a completed food diary and questionnaire that I’d sent in a week ago. I think she’d hoped to get someone who ate Pop-Tarts for breakfast and microwave meals for dinner, with snacks of Monster Munch and Mars bars inbetween. Despite the fact that the 3 days food diary had been out of the ordinary for me, they were still in fairly good shape and I think she found it a bit tricky to pull enough stuff together to give me some good feedback for the purposes of her assessment.

She asked me to a quick test for zinc deficiency. I had to swish some water in my mouth which she put some other liquid (zinc sulphate) in and then swallow it. The time delay and the taste you experience, if any, determines your deficiency or not of zinc. (I’ve just read what and how this works on-line, this bit wasn’t explained too well). Apparently I am moderately deficient.

In summary she suggested I took some pre-biotics and some fish oil and do some relaxing activities ( I don’t do much of that) like meditation…oh lord I now need to do this for the next month and report back ! I did have to admit at one point to agreeing that her suggestion was worthwhile, but in reality it wasn’t going to happen! I didn’t want to make her life too difficult as it will be me next year writing this blog from the otherside!

I’ll be back with her in a month to see how I’ve got on! I’ll keep you posted!

Right, no time for relaxing. Got Fit Camp tonight, shopping and preparation for my next weekend day of exciting stuff. The Natural Food Finder Nutrition & Health Conference awaits … I’m like a kid before Christmas! I love this stuff!


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