Natural Food Finder Conference 2011

This Saturday I was at the Natural Food Finder Conference in Lambourn in Berkshire. It was held at a fantastic venue called Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre . It was perfect for the day as it was in the middle of the gently rolling Berkshire hills, hosted in the beautiful conference building and lunch was made from organic produce from the farm.

I was already looking forward to this day. I’d seen the speaker line up and was hooked as soon as I saw Malcolm Kendrick’s name. He wrote a book called ‘The Great Cholesterol Con’ which I read earlier this year and loved. It’s a health book, but it’s funny. His spin and humour on the controversial matter of heart disease and cholesterol are to the point and filled with research and back up.

Anyway back to the day. The line up of speakers was exciting.

Ben Pratt – Founder of Natural Food Finder and Author of Nutritions Playground

Malcolm Kendrick – Scottish doctor, talking very openly about the rubbish information we are subjected to regarding the links between heart disease and cholesterol. There are none.  Brilliant!

Sir Julian Rose – an advocate and exponent of organic farming, locally sourced foods and raw milk.

Peter Kindersley — owner of Sheepdrove Conference Centre and Farm. Very passionate about his farm and what he has achieved and rightly so.

Dr John Briffa — a GP who spoke sense on nutrition and health. He spoke so fast he must have delivered a 90 minute presentation in 60 minutes! He was funny, demanded audience participation and told you quite clearly what he thought!

Joanna Blythman — a food journalist who gave us 20 top tips for food buying and sourcing.

All the speakers spoke with passion about their area. The audience were rapt and generous in their appreciation of each of them. It’s a nice feeling to be in an environment when everyone there has the same ideals.

You know when you’re in a good place when you don’t want the day to end, when you haven’t started to drift off to sleep in the post lunch presentation and when the Q&A at the end is cut short and you get disappointed! That was me.

You also know you believe in the Law of Attraction when you win the first prize of a great hamper because you sat there saying, ‘I’m going to win, I’m going to win’ over and over as they pulled the ticket… to say I had the best day for a long time is not an understatement. I loved it. It made me completely rethink a lot of things, and I don’t think I’ve found my true niche yet! I’m getting close to it, but not quite there yet! Fantastic event and will be back next year.

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