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So, this weekend I am on another two day course (yes, I have been a bit of a course whore this month, but it’s nearly over now!). This coming weekend sees Phil Richards coming to Bracknell from Swansea which is fantastic for us as it saves on hotel and travel expenses! (Sorry the rest of you who are traveling across the country to see him.)

For those of you are mumbling ‘Phil who?’ Phil has worked with, and consulted for the best in premiership rugby, premiership soccer, super league, county cricket, boxing, cage fighting, athletics, weight lifting, strongman, golf, swimming and triathlon.  All at the highest level of professional sport. He has also studied with many of the world’s leading doctors on hormones, nutrition, cell microscopy and healthcare.

The Anabolic Drive course is set to be a industry leading. It’s taken him over a year to pull all the information together for this two day explosion of information. When you attend one of Phil’s courses, you get more information than you can handle. His passion for his subject is infectious, his knack for retaining the information, quoting books and authors off the cuff and coming up with the most outrageous one-liners is compelling. I always leave his courses on a high, he brings you down with all the crap and mis-information we’ve been told first of all, but then builds you up to a peak of information that you can’t wait to share and try!

I’ll report in next week with a follow up on his two days. But for now rest in the knowledge that I may just become a bit obsessed with all the information I am going to get this weekend. I love it! My brain loves it! Can’t wait! 🙂

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