Phil Richards Analabolic Drive Weekend (part 1)

So, this weekend Vida and I found ourselves at the very lovely Palm Hills Hotel in Bracknell (they say Ascot, but I don’t think it’s quite Ascot!). We were booked in for a two day seminar with both Phil and Dr Nigel Plummer a micro-biologist and generally nice person who knows rather a lot about fish oils and gut micro flora to name but two things!

Over 100 people were at the event and we did manage to get ourselves front row seats. Ideal for both hearing and seeing but also being near the open doors out to the garden so we had a nice balmy breeze blowing in to cool us.

The first day covered topics on attaining true health. Not just focusing on hammering out the reps in the gym or the miles with a run. But attitude, love and companionship and stress levels all accounting for how successful we’ll be in the journey to health and fitness. Don’t expect good health and physique if your emotions are in turmoil, your relationship is bad and you’re harbouring bitter thoughts was the basic message here.

He spoke of how our beliefs of our own ability to succeed can be effected by those people surrounding us. If they are negative, success will be harder, if they are rooting for you, success will be easier. Sounds obvious right? So why do we hang around with energy sappers and negative people in our lives? How many facebook ‘friends’ do you have who are ALWAYS posting how crap their lives are, how it always happens to them? I deleted mine sometime ago! Anyhow he played us this interview of Tony Robbins talking about how Sly Stallone got Rocky made … if you have a spare 9 minutes, do listen to it. It’s a brilliant story of sheer bloody mindedness. Very inspirational.

Tony Robbins on Sly Stallone

Dr Plummer spoke about cytokines (immune system cells) at length and whilst most of it was fascinating I do remember quite clearly that he confirmed that women really do feel pain more than men! I think that was after trying to convince us Man-Flu is worse than real flu…appeasing us all I feel! He spoke too at length about inflammation and how it affects us internally leading to disease like atherosclerosis and obesity and IBS to name but a few. Apparently 20% of UK adults suffer with IBS. And 30% of 30 years olds, 40% of 40 year olds and 50% of 50 year olds are suffering with undetected Helicobacter pylori – the most common stomach infection decreasing acid production in the stomach. Left undetected this can lead to ulcers and stomach and gut problems. Looking after your micro flora in your guts will help with this. More on this later.

Phil spoke again, this time on blood, looking at blood to see potential health problems and how to improve it. How to oxygenate blood more to prevent disease and illness and life style changes to improve health. Like avoiding cosmetics and toiletries with parabens, avoiding microwave ovens, having mercury fillings removed , avoiding sun creams and getting sun on your skin for the vital production of vitamin D and increasing your vitamin C levels, the list goes on.

Nigel Plummer’s final presentation for the day was about the beautiful anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil. Fish oil is really key to good health. It is vital in the prevention and help with depression, mood control, heart and circulation health, metabolic systems, reducing allergic reaction, brain function…on and on it goes. We’re all deficient in Omega 3 fats and are over saturated with Omega 6s (we get these from polyunsaturated fats and should be cutting them right back)  We need to readdress the balance and take a good quality, pharmaceutical grade fish oil to see health benefits. A supplement for everyone. Children, adults and the elderly.

Oh I could go on. There was more, way more. But that’s day one for now! Day two coming up ….

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