Phil Richards Anabolic Drive Seminar (part 2)

Dr Nigel Plummer knows a lot of stuff and as such ran over on the first day, so came back on Sunday to give us his second presentation. It was all about the bugs we carry around with us on our skin, in our mouths, digestive tract and guts. Fascinating!

For instance did you know that whilst it’s already staggering that we are made of about 100 trillion cells, our intestines carry about ten times that amount of microorganisms. If that’s put you off your breakfast, it shouldn’t! It’s a really useful relationship we have with them and they keep us healthy and alive!

Nigel spoke to us about IBS, bowel disorders including cancer, auto-immune diseases and allergic reactions. All linked to how healthy our guts are, how populated with the good bacteria we are and how well we feed them (tip: fibre is really important! they like that)

More important trivia: How much mucus do we secrete each day? 10 litres! Impressive eh?

Even more important trivia: The microflora we carry around with us, weighs about 3lbs in weight, the same as the liver.

Keeping your microflora in tip-top condition is helpful for good health (its the largest immune organ) and can be topped up with pro-biotics in capsule form each day. (tip: Always take your probotics with food.)

Nigel’s research company is just about to present some staggering research results that showed how newborns who were given probiotics from birth showed a 60% reduction in risk of getting allergies like eczema and subsequent asthma.  This is all from a small probiotic supplement each day.

Phil’s second day covered topics on hormones, keeping your thyroid healthy, how to test for thyroid disfunction, and what to do to help yourself fix it. He spoke about the trouble with excess estrogens in the foods we eat, the cosmetics we use, the water we drink. Excess estrogens accounting for many of the problems we’re seeing today like the feminisation of males (moobs and infertility), the early onset of menstruation in young girls, excess fat around the hips and thighs and on and on it went!

It wasn’t just about estrogen either. Testosterone took a battling and we learned what decreased it, what increased it and why it’s so important in heart health for men. There was discussion on B12, sun light and growth hormone, sleep and vitamin C, pre and post workout nutrition and sex. We did get it all!

It was a fascinating two days. Loads more to tell than I can blog about. So will come back with some specifics over the next few weeks. I think a short article on IBS and digestive problems will be the first one up!


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