Final weekend of courses coming up!

So, fourth weekend into my continuing education and what a 4 1/2 days I have in store!

I am about to embark on a three year Nutritional Therapy Diploma with ION and following a year of Science Access courses and exams I am starting big school proper this weekend! Seminars will be one weekend a month, but the week prior to that weekend there will be a 3 hours tutorial. For me that’s going to be this evening. Many of our Science Access students are in the same tutorial group so am really looking forward to seeing them again after the summer.

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be at Birkbeck University of London all day so brain really needs to wake up. I need to be a much more organised student as I have a bit of a reputation for being a ‘last minute’ madam. Proved by the fact that I have only just finished my Initial Assessment work that was set some weeks ago and needs to be handed in to tomorrow. This however has worked in my favour as knowledge gained from the past two weekends has been used in my essay on the ‘eatwell plate’. It’s not all by the skin of my teeth folks!

Not happy that my weekend is already choc-a-bloc, I am then off on a two day course to Olney near Milton Keynes to train to become a Nordic Walking instructor. Nordic Walking is a fitness based walking program. My fellow Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning coaches and Fitness Professionals will probably scoff at walking for exercise. However, it works for me on several counts, 1) I really like being outside. Running Fit Camp has made me realise this. 2) There is an exercise program for everyone, not everyone wants to train with weights, do classes or yoga or Pilates. 3) Most people can walk…what great way to get people back into fitness before you move them on to take on a more challenging activity.

So, full review and update after the weekend finale of a month of courses!


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