That New Year Feeling…

So, New Year. How do you approach it? Are you the type who dreads it? Thinks it signals another year older and only serves as a reminder for what you haven’t achieved since this time last year?

Or are you an optimist? A forward thinker, someone who loves to plan even if you don’t fulfill all your dreams you like to think about where you’re going anyway?

Every year since Dale and I can remember (probably since we had children and NYE parties became a problem) we have sat down on NYE and planned our next year. We’ve taken a large piece of paper, multiple felt tip pens and mapped out things we wanted to do. We made plans for work, home, holidays and finances. Sometimes we made progress, sometimes we didn’t, but knowing what to focus on was useful.That included goals for the girls and as they got older they got to make their own plans too.

Last year I couldn’t get into the swing of it. Nothing motivated me much and so we ambled through the first part of the year. In August I felt the need for some structure and signed up to Dax Moy’s Magic 100 Programme. It’s a goal setting programme to achieve 100 goals in 100 days. It really focussed my mind and got me thinking about making steps every day to achieve my goals rather than procrastinating about why I hadn’t yet.

I’ll be honest, my old ways crept back in at about 60 days in. I did manage over 50 goals achieved in 60 days so was pretty chuffed with my progress. So I am now about to head off into the M100 challenge again and set myself a new set of 100 goals to achieve in 100 days. For me this is a great way to make progress. It’s do-able, there is an end point to which you can work towards before revisiting and setting 100 new audacious challenges for yourself.

So, I have business, personal, family, financial, health and fun goals to set and work towards. What about you?

Happy New Year to you! Resolve to be brilliant this year!

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