Food: Why it matters: Day one

Day one: Went to visit Henley Early Risers so was up at 5.10am.  Had a large black coffee it’s always bean not instant (such a coffee snob!), 2 slices of rye bread toasted, scrape of butter and blob of proper jam. In fact I finished that jar off as it had been hanging around for while.

I hung around in Henley inbetween Early Risers and Day camp and had breakfast in Starbucks at 7.30am which comprised the most ridiculously large coffee you have ever seen and an ‘all day breakfast’ panini.

Today I weigh 80.5kg , 34.5 inch waist, 37inch belly, 40 inch hips. All after my gluten-filled morning. My belly is very painful and bloated already.

In my ‘old diet’ days I snacked a lot. I was hungry when I got in at 11 and had a frusli bar. Very sweet it was too, and small!

I went Tesco shopping whilst I was in Henley to pick up some of the old bits I used to get us. I had originally thought I would do this blog based on an average diet for most families. However I couldn’t! There were too many food things I just don’t want to eat now. Like milk, I really don’t fancy milk now, so haven’t bought any. I did buy cheese and yoghurt though. I also gave up wheat about 7 years ago and when I do eat bread, I make it from spelt, so I’ll be doing that again for a few weeks too.

Lunch — was really suffering with gut ache from the wheat panini. Didn’t really have exactly what I used to have (which would have been bread) but had spinach soup, mixed salad and ham.

Snack — needing something sweet now. Nature Valley crunch bar and coffee.

OK, had such bad stomach ache that I had to lie down! Whilst I haven’t had wheat every day or even every week for many years now, I do still eat it occasionally. It gets me most times like this. I was walking like I had back ache. What a state!

Mid afternoon snack as I was hungry (needed something sweet again) yoghurt, desiccated coconut and raisins.

Taught BodyPump, no difference in energy. But so much more thirsty than normal.

Dinner: Lamb Korma. Made with a jar sauce. Brown rice. Some added veg, but nothing green. Boo, I do make green veg part of my meal plan twice a day now and rarely have rice with curry these days, this is going to be odd.  Afters was vanilla yoghurt, desiccated coconut and raisins. Coffee.

Went out to do a massage. Came home and had lemon and ginger tea and 3/4 small wheat free crackers I’d made at the weekend.

Day one feedback: Thirsty, bloated, gut ache, altered digestion.

Going to bed about 11pm. Getting up at 05.50 for BodyPump.




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