Food: Why it matters: Day two

Went to sleep fine ( I normally do) but woke at about 3am and then 5.20am before being woken up by the alarm at 5.50. In the ‘old days’¬† I would always have a cup of tea before a BodyPump class, but not drunk tea in so long (and I used to take milk) that I had a coffee instead and 2 slices spelt toast, butter and jam.

Taught pump — felt a bit weak today, but don’t put that down to food as I have ups and downs with that and the class was generally like normal. Came home and had old style breakkie which is homemade oat based muesli, topped with oatibix (which now have added wheat — why?! that was the whole point, surely!) with coconut milk, slice of toast and jam and coffee.

Did my first Nordic Walk class today. It was gorgeous! Here are my trusty walkers…

I then went off to massage some knotty legs…whizzed home for a shower and was now feeling hungry. A new feeling for me as I don’t get hungry much these days. Then went to meet Vida for lunch. This was going to be interesting — she’s doing clean and lean in 19 days and I’m doing fat and gutty in 12…

We went to Pizza Express and had the complete opposite! Vida had a beautiful goats cheese salad (no dough sticks) and I had American Hot pizza, just like I used to. Two lime and sodas and 2 coffees. I am beginning to feel very bloated now. Also got two spots already.

Chatted for ages on all things Fit Camp, came home, had another coffee ( I know) and a Nature’s Valley crunchy bar. Can’t believe I really used to think these had some health benefits!

Mid afternoon sugar-need-to-eat-something fix — raisins and coffee.

Massaged someone’s neck and back. Came home, made dinner. Went to Fit Camp. Came home had late dinner (9.15pm) like I used to.

Old style dinner. Homemade Bolognese sauce, wheat free pasta, grated cheese. Coconut yoghurt and raisins. In the good old days, Thursday night was always wine night. But couldn’t do that as we don’t have any in. Just imagine I did!

Day two round up: belly bloated, feeling  thirsty, spotty, increased wind (nice!), more tired, waist now 35.5inches and belly-bit 37inches.

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