Food: Why it matters: Day three

Ugh. Slept poorly last night. I woke up a lot to turn over and felt like I wasn’t sleeping properly. When the alarm went off at 6am for a networking meeting I felt sluggish to say the least. I woke up with some nasal / sinus congestion which is down to my increased dairy consumption. This is a fact, when I cut dairy out again, this will go. It affects respiratory passages in many people and affects breathing (as you will see later). I had a large lemon and ginger tea before leaving, still thirsty.

Networking meeting includes breakfast. Eating well at these events can be tricky anyway. I had FEB (full English breakfast for the uninitiated!) which was very crispy (fatty) bacon, cheap and nasty sausage, scrambled eggs, 2 grilled tomatoes, button mushrooms that were so uniform in size I feel they were from a tin, but I may be wrong, hash brown, 1 slice wholemeal toast. 2 x small coffee, 1 x small juice, 2 x glasses water.

Drove to a club I work at on a Friday to teach aqua aerobics (on the poolside — think hot, sweaty and shouty) and then 45 minute break before I teach a class called BodyVive which is ‘land’ aerobics. In the break I had a coffee and Kit Kat. I would have always have done this in ‘the old days’ and it’s my first Kit Kat for some long time. I think I can safely say, they are no longer my chocolate of choice. To think I used to tell my Crispins Pump class I’d do anything for a Kit Kat. Ha! long gone are those days Mr Nestle…So, here we go with the first real feedback on changes I am experiencing. BodyVive is a low impact aerobics class that you can get quite a lot out of if you put the effort in. I like to put the effort in, for my class and for me. This was not to be today. I couldn’t breathe freely like I usually do (see above),  I was exhausted to the point of offering lower options so I didn’t have to work so hard and I was breathing heavily! My sweat stung my eyes. A sign of acidity building up. I started to smell from the exercise more quickly than I would like to be socially acceptable! I am a sweaty person anyway, but not smelly and sweaty. Today I could be both! My belly is so much bigger than 3 days ago, it was uncomfortable to lie on  — my participants confirmed the fact too!

Popped into see Vida — and realised how dry I am becoming. The reduced salad and veg content is really affecting my water levels. I am still drinking water, but my lips and constantly dry and cracking , my elbows are starting to crack and I have a mild but nagging headache — I never get headaches. Bowel function is … well…not functioning.

Lunch was at 13.45 (a big gap from 7am breakfast) and just how it used to be. Cheese, piccalilli and lettuce spelt bread sandwich, an extra slice of bread and butter and coconut yoghurt. Coffee. Felt very leaden in my stomach after this. Did a rushed bit of admin, but then Dale and I were going out in the evening so go myself ready for that.

We were going to see the recording of ‘Would I Lie To You’ at Pinewood Studios and had to be there early to guarantee getting in. So we left home at 4pm and didn’t know it would be so late but didn’t get in until 23.15. I noticed this afternoon how tired I was after my lunch. This is how I used to be, sluggish and dozy in the afternoon.

The recording was fun, there were drinks and snacks for sale there, but I didn’t have anything, so by the time we did get home it had been another huge gap between meals. I was however still feeling a large weight in my stomach that was keeping it distended.

We had a late supper when we got in of cheese and crackers (had to go and buy especially!) I was quite looking forward to this part of the experiment as I do like cheese and so with a tomato, some crisps and two large glasses of red, I was feeling stuffed by the time we went to bed at 1.15. A very long day.


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