Food: Why it matters: Day four

So, for the first time in a long time, my alarm wasn’t set for something before 6am. Despite my late night, the late cheese and wine and lots of other previous late nights I don’t feel like I slept too badly. I’ve got up for Fit Camp and left everyone else in bed, but at least it was the right side of 7am this morning when I did get up.

Woke up still heavy of guts. I am going to take a photo of me in profile today and show you later how I have changed in 4 days.

Breakfast: large glass water, oatibix (which we now know have wheat in!) with muesli, coconut milk. 2 coffees and half a cracker from last nights late night feeding.

Off to Swallowfield camp for their last session of this run.

Here they are!

Came home, coffee.

Lunch was a typical old-style Saturday lunch. Large bowl of salad and ‘choosing meal’ — really its a lazy meal. You just bung everything else on the table and help yourself. So I had grilled halloumi with my salad and crisps.

I went shopping in the afternoon and this is how I used to justify purchases to myself. “Oh, hot cross buns. I don’t eat wheat, but just these will be fine”, two packets in the trolley. “Oh, minstrels. I’ve worked out/worked/eaten well this week, I’ll treat myself”, a family sized bag used to fall into the trolley, today it was a treat sized bag 105g over the historical 250g. I just couldn’t face it.

So got home and had 2 hot cross buns (untoasted) with butter. Apparently that makes me a heathen, but I do like them like that. Despite knowing they’ll make me feel like crap, I do still really like fresh hot cross buns and butter. Almost certainly had a coffee with those.

Dinner was steak, homemade oven chips (in coconut oil) with leeks, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. An almond Magnum bar (Dale got very excited about that!) and wine. Two large glasses.

Had a lemon and ginger tea and the minstrels about 10.30pm.

Observations today: tired, snotty, nagging but mild headache, increased belly girth, bowels functioned (3 days wait), husband said (without prompting) ‘you’re getting a bit spotty’ – he’s right, I am, still thirsty, lethargic, craving more sweet things. It’s obvious, the more you eat, the more you want, lips still dry, shins and elbows drying out.

During this phase I am also not taking my normal supplements — I take fish oil twice daily normally, this is, I am sure a contributing factor to my dryness.

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