Food: why it matters: Day five

Had 8 hours sleep. I really can’t remember the last time that happened. It was a late night (Skyping with Laura in Australia) so got up (without an alarm) at about 9.15! Bloody decadent or what?!

Congested nose,  but surprisingly felt quite ‘thin’ this morning. Must have deflated last night, if you know what I mean?!

Breakfast was a little bit of muesli topped with oatibix and that oat based crunchy granola style cereal that you kid yourself is healthy because (a) it’s not Cocoa-Pops (b) it’s not wheat, it’s oats and they’re good for you right? and (c) it’s got dried fruit and coconut in and you can buy those in Health Food Shops so it’s a health food isn’t it? Big fat no. And that’s what I’ll be by the time I’ve finished the bag, big and fat. Had coffee of course and water, needing to drink more water now to keep the thirst at bay.

Lunch was 2 slim slices of spelt toast, crackers and cheese (Brie, Cambozola and Stilton) and 2 hot cross buns and butter. Coffee.

Dale and I sat down with our coffee and within about 10 minutes were both asleep! So, I know it’s Sunday and it’s a lazy day and all that, but really? 8 hours sleep and nothing done apart from eat and watch Sophie in her drama exam. Heavy, stodgy lunches do that to you you know.

In my old world, Sundays were a baking day. I had this belief, and to some extent still do, that homemade is better. However I think I used to also think healthy. I used to make a LOT of flapjacks. They are quick, easy and you don’t need to measure. However, today I turned out an old favourite — Vinegar Cake. It sounds nasty, but it’s a very nice fruit cake that uses Bicarb of soda and vinegar as the raising agent, not eggs.

Here it is: and here is the recipe.

For dinner we had another old favourite, pork and mushroom stroganoff (made with creme fraiche), wholegrain rice and purple sprouting broccoli. Apple flapjack for pud (always used to have a pud on a Sunday) with creme fraiche. 2 glasses of wine.

The rest of the family had cake at 10.30pm. Lordy, I was still stuffed from the day, so I just had lemon and ginger tea.

Gave Soph a hug today and she said I have a Mum-Tum that wasn’t there before! Interesting, I’ve not been gutty with this, but am definitely spreading, have a niggly sore throat and when I bend over to put my socks or shoes on I get out of breath! What’s that all about?

I’ve done no work today, it’s been my first day off in I don’t know how long. Bloomin’ brilliant! 🙂

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