Food and exercise: why it matters: week 2 round up.

The end of week two post ‘flab fest’ .

Results are:

Waist 34″ (same as last week)
Belly 36″ (down 2″on last week)
Hips 40″ (down 1″ since last week)
Weight 12st 12lbs (down 2lbs since last week)

Exercise: Whoops! Only managed one of the three Fit Camp sessions this week. Will aim for all of them this week.

Diet – Been doing well until now but have had some red wine this weekend.


Poached haddock and poached egg with sliced tomatoes.
Scrambled eggs on a bed of watercress with 2 rashers of bacon and mushrooms.
Poached eggs on spinach.
Fresh fruit and nuts.


Salads —
chicken and peanut satay
cold meats
tinned mackerel
avocado and olives
H/M grain free quiche with carrot and watercress salad


Smoky chillied beef and peas.
Sausages and salad.
Chicken and mushroom with coconut pesto sauce.
Steak and green beans.


H/M grain free crackers
H/M nakd bars

My energy levels are all restored! Been getting as much sun as I could manage and sleeping much better now too.

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