Food and exercise: why it matters: week 3 round up.

So, three weeks into my journey back to normality from the carbohydrate laden fest of the nine days in March I have am feeling great. Energy levels and stamina is great, appetite and blood sugar levels under control and good results all around.

Weight: 12 stone 8lbs (down 4lbs on last week)
Waist: 33 inches (down 1 inch on last week)
Belly: 35 inches (down 1 inch on last week)
Hips: 39 inches (down 1 inch on last week)

Exercise wise I’ve done the 3 Fit Camp sessions across the week. 3 BodyPump classes, 2 BodyVive classes and 2 Nordic Walks.

In terms of food my meals have looked a lot like this: (not my pics — but you get the idea!) Simple, wholesome food.









Dinner: with more veg than is shown in these. I’ve not had any rice, grains, breads or spuds this week.

So, good results all around. No energy problems at all, sleeping well and getting up much more easily. No hunger inbetween meals and no cravings, in fact food has been a real joy this week. 🙂

One more week to go before the final results are in. What about you? How are you doing?!

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