When it all just clicks into place…

Last night I had a moment of clarity. A moment when suddenly, after years of wondering what I should be should be doing with my life, after countless self-developments books and online programmes to help me discover my path in life,  it came to me whilst having a shower.

What was all the more amazing was how simple the answer was. The answer to my question has been right under my nose all the time (just like all the books and courses said it would be!) In all those programmes and pages you’ll learn that the thing you should do in life is that thing that you’re so passionate about, you’d do it for free. You’d give your time away to do it, you’d give up other work to do it. So, what makes me feel like this? What makes me tick, what gets me excited to read and write about? Well health and nutrition yes, but ultimately it’s food.

Sourcing food – local suppliers, farm shops, homemade and organic, going to markets and meeting people passionate about their craft, buying cheaply to save money and not wasting food.

Preparing and cooking food – making up recipes, following a recipe and adapting them, reading recipe books! I’ve read recipe books since I was a kid. I love food magazines, recipe books with pictures, without pictures. I love to prep a meal on my own, with no help, but company welcome. I am a good multi-tasker in the kitchen. Chatting , chopping, stirring and reading recipe books all at the same time is very doable!

Eating! — I’ve always loved food. My tastes have changed over the last few years. I used to say I would eat everything apart from honey and dates. Now I do eat dates but have cut lots of crap and processed foods out of my diet and my tastes are definitely more refined. But if I wasn’t in fitness I would be round ball. I do have quite a loud, fat person trying to escape this body of mine.

Eating for health — I love to know the best way to feed me and the family for long term health whilst still making it nice and tasty. I do like salads (a lot) but I love cake and chocolate and cheese and coffee too. Finding how to incorporate those into my eating plan is fun!

So with all this in mind and my dawning realisation I have decided to focus on this much more from now on. To look to help people with preparing their own meals by running workshops, to taking time to speak to local suppliers and share their good work, to blog about food in a healthy and easy to understand way. Sharing recipes, health tips and foodie experiences. Whilst also integrating it with my fitness work at Fit Camp too.

The clarity with which this hit me last night was pretty energetic. I wanted to dance around the kitchen and go “wheeeeeeeeeee” at top voice. Infact when I told Dale I cried! How wacky is that?! But that is how I knew it was real. It was a relief, now I can just get on and do it!

Watch this space for news, reviews and information on local suppliers. I can’t wait! 🙂

Have you found your true calling?

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