Review: Gressingham Duck Sausages

Whilst popping into Tesco earlier this week I spied these. I didn’t go in for sausages, but then who really ever does just buy what they went in for. My husband really likes sausages, but they do have to be good ones and so I thought I’d give these a go.

They are called Duck Sausages with apple and honey. However they are a meat mix and are 48% duck and 20% pork. They are wheat and gluten free, using tapioca starch as the bulking agent and contain factory cubed apple pieces and yes, I could definitely taste the honey.

I cooked them in a frying pan, dry fried, so that they cooked in their own fat. They were a little bit of a disappointment really. The meat was very smooth, much more like a processed mechanically reclaimed meat (MRM) sausage than I was expecting. I do like the sausages I buy to have texture rather than not. I also found them to be a bit too sweet for my liking. The serving suggestion was with mashed sweet potato and I think that would really have been overkill on the whole sweet thing.

I do like duck meat ordinarily however there was no real duck taste in these, the flavour being much more about the sweetness and rather than duck.

They were on an introductory price of £2.00 for 6 in Tesco. I won’t bother buying them again. I am much happier with the local farm shop sausages or the 98% meat ones you can buy in the Supermarkets that have much more oomph about them! Also, if I want duck in future I’ll just go for the normal breast or leg as that’s where the real taste is!

Cost per sausage: 33p

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