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I have just made a discovery, not only do I have 3 books on the go and two more have just arrived from Amazon, but they are all on the same topic. I’d not considered this until I saw open books sprawled all over the house and in my bag in various stages of completion.

I am learning to listen to myself for once, but the message from these book titles is loud and clear. “You want more, you want to know how to improve, be better, get more out of life!” — funny how sometimes your subconscious works. I’ve found myself reading them rather than deliberately choosing them. Some I’ve had for ages and read before (Michael Heppell’s – brilliant “How to be Brilliant”) and others like “Do the Work” that was recommend by a friend when he couldn’t have known I already had several books like this on the go.

Anyway, their messages are clear and sometimes it just depends who tells you as to when you’ll listen. Here are a few key points I’ve learned.

Whatever you want to be successful in you should…

  • do what you love and do it with passion.
  • mix, socialise and learn from successful people. Follow their formula, apply it to your task and follow it exactly.
  • surround yourself with people who have the same aspirations as you.
  • find an accountability partner.
  • have complete and utter self belief.
  • change your behaviours, what you’ve always done has kept you where you are now.
  • work on it, each and every day.
  • get stuff done quickly, stop the procrastination as you only get results/paid for done!

You can apply this to anything…getting in shape, training for a sporting event, making a business work, getting out of debt or being a super parent, partner or friend.

The most poignant thought I’ve taken from these books (and many more) is that we get what we think about the most. So when you focus solely with dedication and belief on any task, you can only succeed.

Go to it — we have nothing to lose! :-)



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