Passion and happiness, it’s all we need

I posted on Facebook today that I finally caught up with Laura’s blog. I’d not read it for well over a month and before you accuse me of being a rotten mother (which I obviously am on the ‘keeping-up with blog front’) I Facebook chat with her pretty often so I know she is alive and kicking!

Reading her entries made me laugh out loud and cry with happiness. She wears her heart on her sleeve and tells all. Too much sometimes, but it’s her. It’s honest and it’s a life experience filled with passion and fun and happiness and you know exactly how she feels about any moment. I love it. I love her and I love people who follow their dreams, do what they are destined for and thrive on it.

Fragile at South Hill Park

It’s been a weekend for it. On Friday Dale and I went to South Hill Park (a true gem in the middle of Bracknell) to see a tribute band called ‘Fragile‘. He has seen them many times before and I followed along as I thought it might be a night out. They are a Yes tribute band and quite astounding. I think some tribute bands are a bit crap and hope to do well on the very basis of the original band being successful. But Fragile are extraordinary. For those of you who don’t know Yes is not a simple pop band. Their music is complicated, varied and diverse. I learned that you cannot get the sheet music, these chaps have pulled each piece apart to learn it, then put it together again to sound like the original. They were awesome. Infact they have had in the past one of the Yes members join them as he thought they were so good!  Their passion and love for their art shone through too, you could feel it in the way they played their instruments and got swept away with each piece. It was eye-watering.

We have to do what we love. Even if it is in our spare time. Don’t stop doing what you love. It will keep you more alive and vibrant than you will ever realise. If you love to paint — paint (please Nic, do it!) if you love to sing, go sing. If you think working with kids is what you should do, GO AND DO IT. My sister did and she has worked bloody hard and scrimped and gone without to make sure she did and she is now teaching and LOVES IT.

Ask yourself what it is you yearn for. Then make a plan to do it. You must.

I yearn to cook. To bake, to look for food, cook food, write about, taste, touch and talk about food. Today when I should have been working. I baked. I don’t feel guilty. I feel content.

Kamut Bread

What you going to do then?!


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