Just be you…

I feel compelled to write this after several conversations recently with regards to what people aspire to. I mainly see it through clients who aren’t happy with their figure, their weight, their bum, their thighs, this little bit just under my chin — well you get the idea.

I also see it in Facebook comments and status updates about “I wish I was like you…”, “I wish I had legs like that…”, “I wish I was a size 8”. And then from people about their success, more snidey comments like “how’s he managed to do that, he’s not that good anyway” or “I would have done that differently” the quotes go on.

You know what? Stop comparing and start being the very best version of you that you can be. For example I am NEVER going to be a size 8. I don’t have size 8 bones. At my absolute adult lightest I was 9 stone 7lb — I looked emaciated and my hip bones stuck out further than my belly. I was a size 10. An unhealthy, wastrel of a size 10.

I am also never going to get into skinny jeans. My thighs are substantial and put me in size 14 trousers. So what? Who cares? It’s clothes.

When it comes to achieving what you want to achieve. Be the best you can be. Don’t compare yourself to others, you don’t know their story or their journey. They’ll have demons they are dealing with too. If you don’t like something about yourself then change it. Take action and do it repeatedly until it becomes second nature, then you’ll be the best you can be. Yes that’s tough, but that’s why the successful people are successful because they keep on doing…

So what are you going to do to be the best you? Consider this quote from Oscar Wilde “be yourself — everyone else is taken” — love that!

Go. Be brilliant. Be you!

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