How the Olympics Inspired Me.

I put this post on Facebook today as I am going to be a little bit empty without the Olympics. Since I posted it, a few other thoughts transpired that I think are just as important.

Here are some of the things I’ve loved, liked and learned this week.

1. That Lord Coe needs more than a medal for pulling off what has to be the biggest ever Event Management job. Having been an events manager in a previous life — I know that was a biggie!! He needs Knighting, can you be Sir Lord Coe?

2. I discovered Radio 5 Live. Barmy, bonkers and chaotic. But all the presenters so excited about being involved with the games. It’s also where Colin Murray and Mark Chapman disappeared to from Radio 1 many moons ago. That’s staying on my pre-sets in the car.

3. That being successful is overwhelmingly down to your self belief and absolute dedication to succeed. Obvious I know, but Chris Hoy is 36 and winning yet more gold medals but has been cycling since he was 8 years old. What have you done for 28 years to get to the very top of your game? 🙂

4. Britain can pull together and lose cynical, sniping, criticism en-masse when needed. Each time we won a gold and the whole stadium sung the National Anthem I cried.

5. That the sports which are physical like the swimmers, athletes, boxers etc are made up of good looking people. Why? Because exercise, good nutrition and doing what you love makes you ooze health and good feelings.

6. The BBC deserve a medal for it’s coverage. From the app on my phone, to the multiple channels, to the web, to the presenters, to the pundits, to the behind the scenes screeching from Denise Lewis and Colin Jackson. Brilliant!

7. Showing boxing in slow motion isn’t pretty or necessary. Wobbly faces being hit doesn’t do it for me!

8. Handball should be played more! What an amazing game. It’s fast, fun and you need to be fit!

9. Look at the 4 x 100m USA ladies relay team — solid legs, short and sturdy and damn strong. Compared to the 4x400m USA ladies relay team — taller, leaner legged, strength and endurance build. Please remember that you need to aim for being the best you can be, you’re never going to be size 8 if you have size 12 bones…

10. Doing what you love. Whether it’s presenting, running, diving, coaching, refereeing, being a physio, organising, …the list goes on. Everyone involved in these games is brilliant at what they do, and that’s why they have produced successful athletes. Everyone has found their passion to work as a team. Focus on the goal and you will get there.

Extra points

1. Sport crosses all backgrounds, cultures and religions. Compare the cost of getting a child into horse-riding or BMX biking. Dressage horses I am told are very, very, very special. More than a lottery ticket win if you don’t mind! Compared that to a BMX bike for an 8 year old. It therefore unifies people. You can tell from the interviews that it crosses all divides. Everyone is equal.

Team GB from Team GB Facebook Page

2. The good natured praise of losing athletes to the winner. Yes, there have been some exceptions and yes there have been some stories of terrible sportsmanship in these games, but almost over-overwhelmingly losers were at least gracious in defeat.

3. The bravery of people to complete what they set out to do. The GB hockey ladies injured in their first three matches (I think) and one playing with a broken jaw. The relay runner who ran with a broken leg so as not to let the side down, the German diver last night who dived with such a damaged shoulder he couldn’t use his arm to get out of the pool.

4. Ticket sales for both Olympics sold out. Inspiring.

5. THE QUEEN! How could I forget the Queen?! What a girl!

How has it changed me?

It has. I’ve decided a change is afoot. You can’t progress and move on or improve if you don’t do something different. I am going to do something different. It happens soon, watch this space!

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