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Still not enough to be a Proclaimer…

It’s done. 100 days of 5km runs completed. In all in aid of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge. In summary Over 500km run since the 23 September 2013. More than 51,000 calories burned (according to Endomondo) Two pairs of trainers … Continue reading

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The perfect Christmas Food

Last night, in a moment of whimsey, I asked my facebook community what their favourite Christmas foods were and why. There were some unusual suggestions like jelly with your mince pies and cream, roast pork and crackling and cracked crab … Continue reading

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Are you keeping up?

Whether it’s ‘5 a day’ for your fruit and veg intake or ‘10,000 a day for the steps you’re supposed to do to stay healthily active, 2 litres of water to be drunk a day or 8 hours of sleep … Continue reading

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Keeping your eye on the prize

Today is day 80 of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge I set myself to run 5km every day for 100 days. Day 80. I can’t really believe it. The end is so close that it teases me as I work … Continue reading

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Guilt Free Eating

How happily do you eat your food? By that I mean, how often do you eat a meal without ever considering whether it’s good or bad for you, has too many calories, is too sugary or just plain ‘naughty’? You … Continue reading

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Change the record

My connection with people comes in many forms but a lot of what I learn about others comes from their contribution on forums and group posts. It is usually in these areas where people are more likely to say things … Continue reading

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Things I like about running part 1:

1. Being outside. I just love it. I love weather of all sorts but I especially like being outside when everyone else likes to be in. 2. I love being sweaty without being hot. So exercising outside in the autumn … Continue reading

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Market Trader’s Tomato Soup

So I bought all those tomatoes from Woky Joe because I just love this soup. A great recipe if you have a glut of tomatoes or can buy some supermarket ones on marked down price! It’s a real favourite in … Continue reading

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Three unusual tips for boosting your immunity this winter

Three different ways to keep super healthy this winter Keep stress down –  too much stress (of any type) will produce an excess of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is produced by your adrenal glands and they rely on a lot … Continue reading

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100 Day Fitness Challenge 2013

Many of you will remember that a year ago I came up with the idea of the 100 Day Fitness Challenge and made it a charity fund raising event. It was great fun, lead to me launching the 100 Day … Continue reading

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