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Knowing what’s best

There are times when you sometimes have to just make a tough decision and move on. I’ve just done this. I’ve been on a journey for about a year to get myself onto the ION Nutritional Therapist course, a 3 … Continue reading

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Stepping up to the mark …

I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing several women change right before my eyes this week. In fact it’s been so damn powerful I’ve been on a high from it all week long, sleeping less and wanting to crack … Continue reading

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Feeling Moody…

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” However you look at it, that’s right isn’t it? So along with everyone else who has resolved to make this year the year to change … Continue reading

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Feeling full of beans?

Happy New Year to you! Time to shake the hangover off and think about how you’re going to achieve all those resolutions you made to yourself last night! Managing your health has to be the very best thing you can … Continue reading

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