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Weston A Price Conference Review: 17/18 March 2012 (ii)

Day one continued… The Benefits of Raw & Grass Fed Milk – Professor Tom Baars This was a fascinating glimpse into the dairy industry. In the United States 80% of the total milk production comes from 4 companies! These dairy … Continue reading

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Weston A Price Conference Review: 17/18 March 2012 (i)

This weekend I have two fabulous days at Epsom Downs Racecourse learning about all things food and health (as normal, I hear you mutter) but from a traditional viewpoint rather than a new age, supplement silly, almost religious approach to … Continue reading

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Food and exercise: why it matters: Week 1

So here we go, heading off in the other direction. I’ve done showing how eating too many starchy grain based carbs can make you bigger, more tired and spotty. Now I am going to show you how eating a clean … Continue reading

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