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The Brain Game

I have just made a discovery, not only do I have 3 books on the go and two more have just arrived from Amazon, but they are all on the same topic. I’d not considered this until I saw open … Continue reading

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Homemade Bounty-Like Bars

I can take no credit for these delightful little treats. They are from the Patrick Holford ‘GL Diet Book’ and are wonderful! Ingredients 142g desiccated coconut (unsweetened) 3 egg whites 3 tbl sp Xylitol 1 tsp lemon or lime juice … Continue reading

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Buying fruit and veg…

I thought I’d comment on the some of the ways to chose your fruit and veg. For several reasons really; Most people tend to buy the same things each week regardless of season or price. Most people don’t consider the … Continue reading

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Review: Gressingham Duck Sausages

Whilst popping into Tesco earlier this week I spied these. I didn’t go in for sausages, but then who really ever does just buy what they went in for. My husband really likes sausages, but they do have to be … Continue reading

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This is great for breakfast, a yoghurt or fruit salad topper. This makes quite a large amount so store in an airtight container. Ingredients 300g organic rolled oats 75g ground almonds 75g desiccated coconut 75g pumpkin seeds 50g sesame seeds … Continue reading

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When it all just clicks into place…

Last night I had a moment of clarity. A moment when suddenly, after years of wondering what I should be should be doing with my life, after countless self-developments books and online programmes to help me discover my path in … Continue reading

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Pickled Garlic

You can eat these straight from the jar, chopped up in salads and stir fries or served up with olives, antipasto and cold meats. We love them in our house! I also try and buy my garlic from the market. … Continue reading


Cheap, cheerful and healthy!

I love a bargain, I really like food and I especially like baking and cooking. So, this week when I was looking through the reduced item shelf in the supermarket I was really pleased to see a bag of ripe … Continue reading

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Following on from the Patrick Holford blog last week I had a few questions about ‘what should I take?’, ‘what should my children take?’ and also ‘I eat my 5 a day, I don’t need to waste money on supplements … Continue reading

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