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National Chip Week ( 18-24 February 2013)

Oh yeah! It’s chip week!! One thing we Brits can do well is a chip. The problem is we have to endure them fried in vegetable oils that have been heated and cooled over and over and over again and … Continue reading

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Are you still using margarine?

This month, February, is Heart Health month. An awareness campaign to get people to make lifestyle changes to lower their risk of heart disease. I am all in favour of this, we need to make sure people aren’t ill unneccessarily … Continue reading

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100 days to May.

Today is February 7th and it’s 100 days until my birthday. Yes I did count them, but it’s a nice manageable number of days for a challenge. I proved that already with my 100 Days of Fitness last year so … Continue reading

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Adding a new skill…

You’ve probably gathered by now that I like learning. In fact I get a bit twitchy when I haven’t done a course for a while, so I feel really delighted that I bit the bullet last October at the National … Continue reading

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