Week one – done!

Day 8 - Sunday session number one!

We’ve done it! Week one of the 100 Day Challenge is complete and the first Sunday Wake Up session took place this morning. Twenty trusty souls rolling out of bed earlier than normal to get their day’s activity in!

The facebook group has been busy each day with people updating what they’ve done and the sense of community and group achievement is super!

Running total to date for the Weston A Price Foundation is £138.50 – THANK YOU!

This week I have done:

  • Sunday: 100DC Fitness Test, 100 burpees, 3km run
  • Monday: 1.5m walk, 100 burpees, Fit Camp session in the garden.
  • Tuesday: 1.5m walk, 100 burpees, Nordic Walk session
  • Wednesday: 1.5m walk., 100 burpees. (3×27 and a 19) kettlebell goblet squat/upright row Tabata and 2×20 kettlebell swings to practice. 3.16m (so important that .16m) run.
  • Thursday: 1.5m walk, 100 burpees.
  • Friday: 1.5m walk, 100 burpees, Kettlebell goblet squat / upright row Tabata
    Heel drop and leg extension Tabata.
  • Saturday: 1.5m walk, 100 burpees, 4 hours bootcamp workshop (knackered!)
  • Sunday: 1.5m walk, 100 burpees, 4.3m run.

Fit Camp team post bootcamp workshop!

To top things off even more I am so excited that The Wokingham Times have got behind this and want to cover it too! 🙂

It’s not too late to join in. Drop me a line and I’ll talk you through the ‘rules’!

Have a good week y’all!

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