Week three – done!

Sunday 14 October - Sunday Wake Up Session

The 100 Day Fitness Challenge is well and truly underway. We’re at day 22 and the number of people wanting to get involved grows slowly each week (hmm, as the number of days to be active gets fewer, interesting …!)

This weekend we had our Sunday Wake Up session at Bearwood Recreation Ground in Winnersh and through the mist came 20 trusty souls all ready to breathe hard and have a bit of fun.

Here is what they looked like doing it!

My own personal challenge has been to do 100 burpees every day for 100 days. This was a challenge I made for myself but made public so I would keep it up. It’s interesting that this has become a bigger challenge with many others wanting to join in. All they had to do was something active each day, but no, they went for the burpee option!

I also have made sure that I have done them every day regardless of situation or circumstance. Last weekend I was away at a conference and stayed overnight between Friday and Sunday. I’d hoped for concrete floors, but no…so I ended up in the hotel carpark each morning doin’ my thing by the light of the hotel sign!

The Burpee Zone

So far I am right on target and whereas I was breaking them down into manageable chunks for the first two weeks, I decided that it was all a case of mind over matter on Wednesday and just decided to do 100 straight off. And that’s what I’ve been doing since.

They aren’t warp speed burpees, it takes me about 5 minutes I guess, but they are steady and executed well and every day I do my 100 after my morning walk I take first thing.

Due to the nature of the exercise I did decided to get me a nice new tee-shirt to proclaim my love for the burpee! These are now for sale and all profits are going to the 100 Day Fitness Challenge fund raising pot. If you want one click here!




In total since we started on 23 September the loyal and keen 100 Day Challengers have raised Ā£353.00 !! Thank you!

It’s not too late to join us! Click here if you’d like to join in!

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