100 Day Challenge: Grain free and 13 days down…

You’ve probably gathered by now that I like to do ‘stuff’ that stimulates or challenges or focuses my mind. The burpees seem a long time ago already and I am now fully ensconced in a grain free existence.

Why? well thank, you for asking!

Even though I consider that I eat well and work on keeping myself healthy I do have niggly health problems that I’ve become used to and really shouldn’t have to. I am a great believer in our bodies working well and being pain or disease free.  I don’t consider that I am anywhere near deterioration age yet, so I need to wheedle out the offending problems and take stock.

I have read lots of nutrition books and also done mini-tests on myself and have seen a big improvement in how I feel and function when I go at least wheat free, so thought it was time for a grain free existence.

I am 2 weeks in and am feeling good, not at all deprived and know that I have eaten well in that time. I haven’t really done any exercise since the last day of the 100 burpees (the odd flurry of burpees on 3 days, but that is all) and my weight has already dropped by a few pounds my and stomach shrunk already.

I am rarely hungry and never knawingly so and am sleeping well, have good concentration and focus and energy.

As I am sure many of you know my passion is food and the making of it. It’s not unusual for me to get twitchy to do some baking and so in the last 2 weeks I have concocted grain free cake, flan, biscuits and fritters. All is good when I am cooking! 🙂

It should be of no surprise to you that if I am grain free, then the family tag along behind by default. But it has worked well for them too with weight being dropped by all of us and reduction in bloating, stomach size and less wind (thankfully!)

For those of you wondering what on earth I eat now there is no bread or pasta, here we go with a few of my meals for the last 2 weeks.

Bacon and mushroom omelette


  • Omelettes
  • Grilled goats cheese and spinach
  • Natural yoghurt, nuts and seeds
  • Smoothie
  • Scrambled eggs on sliced tomatoes and ham
  • Nothing

Burgers & Salad

Lunch Choices

  • Avocado salad and seeds
  • Cold meat salad
  • Homemade baked beans
  • Chunky soups
  • Jacket potato
  • Omelette (if not at breakfast)

Sea Bass & Stir-fried veggies

Dinner Choices

  • Shepherds Pie (topped with potato and swede)
  • Roast lamb and roast vegetables
  • Chicken and leek pie (topped with mash)
  • Baked Sea Bass and stir-fried vegetables
  • Chinese pork burgers with stir-fired vegetables
  • Meat loaf and onion sauce with steamed green vegetables
  • Roast gammon with roasted shallots, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and garlic.
  • Steak & Kidney casserole, pile of cabbage
  • Curried mince and carrot bhajis

Chocolate Flan

Snacks and desserts: I am not really a very big snacker but even more so now that I have gone grain free. My appetite is much reduced and so the need to eat every 2-3 hours has gone. However my need to cook hasn’t, so I  here is what I have made and snacked on since 1 January.

  • Carrot cake (grain free, dairy free and sugar free too)
  • Peanut butter cookies (grain free, sugar free)
  • Chocolate flan (grain free, dairy free, sugar free)
  • Choc chip cookies (grain free)
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Fruit and nuts
  • Cherry tomatoes ( I eat these like grapes)
  • Homemade nak’d bars
  • Fruit salad

So with two weeks I can see it’s going to be more a voyage of health discovery rather than food discovery because I am not concerned by not eating the grains. I have no issue with not eating rice with curry or toast with beans and am really enjoying seeing how much better I feel without the heavy, bloaty-ness feeling after grain meals .

I’ll be back in 2 weeks to keep you posted!

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