“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. ”

Have you ever thought back over a series of events and seen how they all join together because of one decision you made earlier on?

This time last week I was rocking and shouting and whooping alongside 5000 others at the ExCel Centre in London as an attendee of the Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ event.

Umm, ExCel Centre??!

Many people have asked me what is was like and to describe what it was all about to them.

This is impossible. Everyone who attends would have a completely different experience. To say that it was the best weekend of my life is not an understatement. That I spent most of it either crying or dancing is by the by. The experience, the effect and the feeling I have about it is enough for me to know that I am changed because of it.

The thing is though that one of Tony Robbins well repeated quotes is –

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. ”

And this is afterall how I got to be there, by a decision I made 8 months ago. Our lives are merely a reflection of our decisions after all.

In August 2012, when I thought I was too busy to breathe, I found myself in distraction mode and was surfing facebook on my phone. I saw a blog post titled something like ‘how to be more productive in the morning’. That’s what I need I thought!

Within this blog was another link to a Tony Robbins audio file. I have no idea why I downloaded it. I had heard of him but had no experience of him to speak of, however I downloaded the audio and started to listen to it. Remember I thought I was “too busy”, but I listened to this audio rapt to his distinctive, gravely voice for 90 minutes. It was perfect for that moment and I was hooked. I can remember him saying –

“what’s wrong is always available, but so is what’s right”

and this struck a deep chord with me. I wasn’t thinking my life was crap, but the very concept of focussing on what’s right changed me there and then.

As a result of this audio I then followed the big man (he is 6ft 7 inches) on Facebook. About 3 weeks later there was a post to say he was in the UK in October at an event called the National Achievers Congress (NAC) , also at the ExCel. I made a decision that I was going.

I am sure many of you know that I am an avid course and seminar attendee. However I normally go on my own and come back pumped up and full of enthusiasm which my poor husband has to absorb at some speed. This time though in an attempt to hear it all first hand he decided to come with me (his moment of decision).

We only went to the ExCel to see Tony Robbins and he was first on, he did a six hour presentation that had me hooked and we agreed there and then to sign up for this event in May. However, we didn’t just stay to listen to Tony, we stayed and found that attending the NAC also opened new doors to both of us. It was there that I saw Andy Harrington speak and am now part of his Professional Speakers Academy, which means that I am delivering presentations in a more enjoyable and useful way for my business. This has bought me into contact with a lot of business people outside the fitness circle which is invaluable for networking and self-development.

So, in that one decision to attend we started a ripple effect of change in our lives.

This last weekend, with Dale, at UPW at the ExCel was full on and intense. It’s 50 hours in 3.5 days and yet you never flag. On day one all 5000 of us (bar a few) did a firewalk — AMAZING! Once you can do that you can do anything right?!

Fire-walked Feet


The remaining three days are an indepth look at what drives you, stops you and makes you alive. If you have any desire to be a better version of yourself it’s definitely the place to do it. The momentum and enthusiasm from the rest of the crowd is intense. I loved it!

What did I learn?

  • That I really, really miss my link to music. Since giving up teaching exercise classes I really haven’t listened to music to any degree. So the music, dancing and moving was a good reminder to add that back in.
  • That you meet the most lovely people. When you’ve all had a joint experience like the firewalk you’ll talk to anyone to see what their experience was. We met some fantastic people with great ideas of how they can be an enhanced version of themselves to better their lives through the contribution to others.
  • That going through such an emotional roller-coaster was so much better when shared with Dale. I cannot imagine having attended on my own and then having to try and share it with him. The joint experience was worth it alone.
  • That people can achieve whatever the hell they want. The very first time I heard of Tony Robbins was at another seminar hosted by Phil Richards where he played this audio on how Sylvester Stallone got to where he is today. It’s flippin’ awesome. Never think you can’t have what you want, you just need to know what you want and want it badly enough.
  • That I can play air-guitar.
  • That I can walk on hot coals.
  • That I love the fact that we can continually improve ourselves. Not because we’re dissatisfied with ourselves but because we like to grow, improve and develop to a higher level.
  • That I am so glad I decided one Sunday afternoon in August to read a blog, that lead me to an audio that lead me to this new path I find myself on.

Whatever you want from your life, just embrace it. Enjoy it and always see the good in what you have not what you don’t have. Be freakin’ awesome!

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