Book Review: Adrenal Fatigue – James L Wilson

This book, although looking quite medical, is a very informative guide to adrenal fatigue syndrome. James Wilson gives a thorough explanation of what adrenal fatigue is (having the function of your adrenal glands diminish through long term stress), helps you figure out if you have it and then what you can do about it.

It is a great self help book, with the medical ‘bit’ added on at the end for those who are interested. The questionnaires and lifestyle changes are easy to follow and if you are keen to get well would be a fantastic tool for getting well healthily. He does however refer to many medical tests you can get done to check for hormone levels, however these all relate to the American health system and I am not sure how that transfers to the NHS. I suspect you may have to go private for some of the tests mentioned.

All in all an excellent read if you feel that you have lost control of your life through stress and it is no longer fun filled or rewarding.

Book Review

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