Things I like about running part 1:

2013-08-23 14.04.461. Being outside. I just love it. I love weather of all sorts but I especially like being outside when everyone else likes to be in.

2. I love being sweaty without being hot. So exercising outside in the autumn and winter is perfect for me. You won’t see me running in the heat, but cool and cold is lovely.

3. I love the feeling of my lungs working, really working to breathe deeply, drag the air in and fill my body up.

4. I love the ease with which you can go for a run. Pop a decent bra on, bung some shoes on and off you go. You can make it complicated with arm bands, earphones, music, tracker apps and keys. But basically you can just run anywhere.

5. I love running in the dusk and dark. Simple as that.

6. I love that it controls my eating and has massively improved my digestion. I can’t eat fewer than 3 hours before, don’t want to eat afterwards. What a fab appetite control it really is.

7. I do love to check my times and splits on endomondo. I am a running app geek.

8. I love the feeling of accomplishment. Fast or slow run, hard or easy’ish, I always feel good afterwards.

9. Half an hour is all it needs. Just half an hour day to get all that. I used to teach upto 7 classes a day and feel knackered. Now I can do 30 minutes and feel alive.

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