Change the record

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My connection with people comes in many forms but a lot of what I learn about others comes from their contribution on forums and group posts. It is usually in these areas where people are more likely to say things they may not say openly to others and it’s where, I feel, people can show their more vulnerable side. And what I am noticing recently is how many people are focussing on the lack in their lives rather than being truly proud of all they have and have achieved.

I know many people (women mainly) who aren’t content with their shape or weight. But what they do have is energy and enthusiasm to get involved in every other aspect of life from running the PTA at school, to getting involved in charity fund raising work, to hosting home parties, running after-school clubs, being a taxi service, holding down a job and raising a family.

This is big stuff.

This is time consuming stuff that fills lives so much that there is no time to stop and congratulate yourself on being a super-multi-tasking-person. But isn’t it funny how you do find time to tell yourself that you’re not good enough / slim enough / fit enough / helpful enough or as good as so-and-so?

How cruel is that?

Time for criticism but not for praise.

How would children react if that’s all they heard?

It’s time to change the record.

Write down all the truly amazing things you do and are proud of. Keep this on your phone or as list in your bag. So the next time you catch yourself criticising yourself for not ‘being (enter your own personal put down here)…enough’.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath and take out your list and read it and remind yourself how bloody great you are in spite of everything. Because you are. ­čÖé

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