The perfect Christmas Food

Last night, in a moment of whimsey, I asked my facebook community what their favourite Christmas foods were and why.

There were some unusual suggestions like jelly with your mince pies and cream, roast pork and crackling and cracked crab from an American friend.

But of course there were the usual suspects like pigs in blankets, Christmas pud swamped in brandy sauce/butter/cream and, my own favourites, Brussel sprouts and roast potatoes.

This year I have discovered sprouts all over again. I’ve always liked them, but I where I would usually steam or boil them, I have now discovered the perfect way (in my opinion) to cook them.

Wash and remove the odd outer leaf or two if necessary. Trim the base a little.

Then cut into 3 slices from top to stem.

Either roast them in the oven with other root vegetables, or my absolute favourite, fry them in coconut oil or lard or dripping and season generously. My word! There is no going back from there!

2013-12-19 18.39.55

No more slightly-squishy-and-yellow-because-you-steamed-them-too-long-sprouts. But good-golly-they’re-fab-I-hope-there-are-seconds-sprouts.

As for roast potatoes, what would a roast dinner be without a golden, crispy roast spud? So the question is what fat to cook them in?

Despite all the health claims about animal fats being bad for our hearts, you’ll be doing yourself a big healthy favour if you DITCH the sunflower oil this Christmas and cook your potatoes in a good, tasty animal fat like goose, duck or the fat from the turkey.

They’ll taste delicious, be better for you and you’ll have no leftovers!

If you are a vegetarian or are entertaining one then cook their potatoes in coconut oil. These are just as good and just as healthy. Hooray! Everyone is happy.

coconoilRemember to pre-cook the potatoes first, pre-heat the oil in the pan and make sure you baste them during their cooking time. They’re ready when they are golden and crispy.

Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about them!

Whatever your favourite foods are this Christmas. Enjoy them 🙂


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