Brain fried and bum ache…

If this had been the number of books we’d been recommended to buy / read/ seek out this weekend at ION then I probably could have coped. However, it wasn’t. My book list is now huge! My Amazon Wish list looks like a Dr’s library and my credit card has taken to hiding at the back of my purse! Thankfully given that some of us had already undertaken some training with ION this year we got one of the books as part of enrolling. Good job too! Retail price is £150!

The first weekend has been an eye-opener. 95’ish students undertaking year 1 of a three year course. 4 of those are men. I’ll leave you to make your own mind up on that one!

We’ve had lectures on citations and referencing, how to reflect on your academic experience (easy…’hot’, ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘long day’ spring to mind) cells, functional medicine, discussions on what is health?  We’ve discussed assignments, essays, how we learn questionnaires and February exam dates. I also had the dawning realisation that I can’t wing this, leave it to the last minute and hope to do OK anymore! 20 hours a week is expected….better get planning my diary!

If we’d been in a lecture theatre like this …




all would have been good with the world.

But we were in one of these.




Sized for 5ft 4 inch students, with short legs and small bottoms. Not 5ft 10 inch fidgeters with wider beam than seat width…

Thankfully I’ll be outside and walking tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

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