Meeting the main man…

Back in 1990 when I very first learned of The Institute for Optimum Nutrition it was because I knew of a chap called Patrick Holford. It was he who set up the institute and started a credible and well respected training college for Nutritional Therapists, the like of which was unheard of in those early years of the new decade. Even then I wanted to go along and do the three year course! That it’s taken me 21 years to get myself on it is a whole other matter but it was Patrick’s name that got me there.

He is no longer directly involved with ION and has moved onto much more in the exciting and ever changing world of nutrition. He has become a very successful author and businessman. But today we were lucky enough to have him present to us for 3 hours — wonderful!

He is the epitome of all he espouses. He said he was in his early 50s and he looks good for it. He really walks his own talk and spoke freely, easily and passionately about where nutrition has come from where it is now and where it’s going. He spoke of fantastic research work with patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, the rising problem of obesity and the wonder vitamin, vitamin C.

He had success story after success story of the Low GL diet. The way of eating that has revolutionised countless people’s lives who had been struggling with NHS prescribed ‘eatwell plate’ diet plans for years. People who with a change to their diet reclaimed their health, lost substantial weight, reduced cholesterol, reversed type 2 diabetes — felt alive again.

What a legacy! How fantastic that his life and passion has changed the lives of so many others. A truly remarkable speaker and a motivating reminder as to why I signed up on to this new career path. Roll on December!

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