New ‘How to be Healthy!’ seminars coming soon…

Following on from the last ‘Health Seminars’ I am pleased to announce a new four week series starting in January.

When: Wednesday 11 January to Wednesday 1 February at 19:30 – 21:00

Where: St Crispin’s Leisure Centre, London Road, Wokingham.

How much: £47.00

Each week we discuss various topics which can have a severe implication on your health, why it’s a problem and how you can fix it. It’s an informal event with some presentation and time for discussion.

In our last session Sandra said “I’ve got my beans back! I feel great!”

Topics will include:

  • what is health?
  • is there a perfect diet?
  • stress
  • hormone regulation
  • weight management (loss or gain)
  • digestion (the gut and brain connection)
  • sleep
  • exercise
  • supplements
  • disease prevention and can it be reversed?

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Health Seminar

Wendy commented “I’ve attended the last 4 Tuesdays. I learned a whole bunch of useful stuff and would definitely recommend it to anyone -even those of you that think you are already healthy will learn something new!”

And Liz, “Heidi’s sessions have been enlightening, inspiring, encouraging and downright interesting. Although i’ve already been following a healthy diet since April (most of the time!) there is still more that i can easily change to improve my health even further. I hope you get a chance to go to the next set of sessions.”

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