Fats, liver and all things digestion…

It was a weekend at ION again this weekend. Damn that month goes quickly! Each month I leave with renewed determination to G.S.D (Get Stuff Done!) and then it’s here again. Eek! Need to apply some better time management and controls me thinks!

This weekend was a fabulous journey through the digestive tract (just before lunch! – lovely). A super 3 hours listening to Dr Georges Mouton, a Functional Medicine expert who both lectures and consults. He spoke to us about fats, the good, bad and ugly. It was fascinating, his laid back style, sense of humour and accent had us all rapt. Telling us that it’s all about balance that you can have too much of a good thing (fish oils!) and that trans fats are terribly bad (knew that!). Shame then that immediately after the lecture some of these potential nutritional therapists were happily munching on Hula Hoops and huge chocolate muffins 🙁

I am loving this course. It varies between comfortable knowledge being reconfirmed to such new concepts my brain can’t keep up! We got our first marked essay back this weekend. I have no experience of writing at degree level and so was glad with the mark I got (given the work applied to it!). My goal however is to improve my writing for the next essay which needs to be delivered in January. So better head off and get my head around amino acids.

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