Seminar: Fat Loss and Good Health — Who Wants It?

The next series of seminars will be held in October…details to be made available soon!

  • how to feed you and your family for life long term health
  • how to avoid disease (or if you have disease give yourself the tools to fight it)
  • how to lose fat and keep it off
  • why stress makes you fat and tired
  • why eating a low fat diet is ruining your fat loss attempts
  • how depression can be lifted with a change in your diet
  • what foods to eat when
  • how to stop feeling hungry all the time
  • which exercises to incorporate into your life to keep strong and lean
  • why certain types of fasting won’t ‘slow your metabolism’ or ‘destroy your muscle’
  • why the medical establishment and media keep pushing the Healthy Food Pyramid and/or the Eatwell Plate as the perfect diet when in fact it’s not helping you.
  • body composition reading
  • food diary analysis
  • exercise programming
  • plus much more


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