Testimonial: Lali Smith – Health Seminars

Lali attended the Health Seminars in January 2012

“I found the seminars really informative with the right level of information to educate but not bombard or overload us with information. I found that I could identify with many of the “blue zones” characteristics from my childhood which was a very healthy upbringing in Wales, but as I  grew up, lived on my own and now with my family, I have moved further away from those and therefore it really was a reminder to get back to those things that made me healthy. As a family we have already made some adjustments, taking supplements (though I am still looking for a less “pungent” fish oil!!), changed olive oil for coconut oil for cooking, butter for spread and went to our first Farmers Market in years yesterday. I have dropped my 2 cups of tea for herbal tea and am sleeping much better even though I am still getting up to Harry once a night – I couldn’t believe how much of a difference that has made! The next goal is for Mark and myself inparticular, to “move” at every opportunity!!”


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