Testimonial: Teresa Lanham – Health Seminars

Teresa attended the Health Seminars in January 2012.

“I liked your presentation style for the talks and it worked very well with the small group and I think every one felt able to raise issues either as part of the group or with you separately.  It’s clear you love your subject and that you just want to make people better and give them the means to do it without being pushy.
I enjoyed the talks very much and felt they gave me the right information to motivate me into researching more and making changes where I needed to including what I put my food in and my toiletries and make-up.  
I also found your initial Blue Zone information very interesting and as I cannot achieve everything on that list I’d better make sure I am doing what I can !
I found the format, content and length of your talks were fine and I also thought they were very good value for money.
Many thanks again for assisting me in taking a more positive attitude to my health and see you soon.”

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