Weston A Price Conference Review: 17/18 March 2012 (ii)

Day one continued…

The Benefits of Raw & Grass Fed Milk – Professor Tom Baars

This was a fascinating glimpse into the dairy industry. In the United States 80% of the total milk production comes from 4 companies! These dairy companies dictate the price they will pay to the farmers and that is currently $1 a gallon. The same price as just after World War II. However it costs the farmer $1.15 – $1.50 to produce. And guess what? 16 farmers a day are going out of business in the US. Not good.

Raw milk (non-pasteurised, non-homogenised) is a nutrient dense food that is well utilised by the body. There is no removal of important digestive enzymes, or important fatty acids that are destroyed with normal processing. It supports the body rather than hinders it. Eating organic, raw, unpasteurised dairy produce is something that would support many of us nutritionally and, if possible, should include in our diets as a good nutrient dense food source.

Raw milk farmers in the US are finding it harder and harder to sell their produce, despite a growing number of people recognising the benefits of it. The government is making it more difficult for them and in some cases dairy farmers are being imprisoned. We do have a small network of raw milk dairy farmers in this country. If you get the chance to buy or use raw milk, I would encourage you to. It is a real food.

Fluoride Dangers – Professor Paul Connett

If you’d been falling asleep at any point during the conference, this man would have woken you up! BOOM! Professor Passionate or what?! He was great! He has been studying the effects of fluoride (especially in water ) for 16 years. It was scary and depressing all at the same time. A few gems for you,

  • “we should never use public water to deliver medicine” — yep, got that.
  • “there is not one single biological process that needs fluoride” — yep, got that
  • “adding fluoride to drinking water violates medical ethics that state we should have an ‘informed consent to medication’ ” — definitely got that
  • “Does not improve the teeth of people who have it in their water” — research backed
  • “It isn’t pharmaceutical grade fluoride that’s added”– euw..
  • “adding fluoride to drinking water causes more health problems than teeth protected.” — ouch.
  • There is no adequate margin of safety, and when you consider that a baby and a child’s brain is smaller, the effect of dosage on their system is heightened. —scary

In the UK the NHS pays for fluoridation in water. So write to your MP to repeal it should you have fluoride in your water supply in your area.

If you have a baby — please do not make up their bottle or feeds with tap water if your supply is fluoridated. And remember a filter will not remove it, nor will boiling. Empty your kettle after each use and fill with fresh water.

Check your local area here.

The Cholesterol Myth  & The Oiling of America РSally Fallon Morell

This was the last presentation of the day and it was probably my favourite of the day. One of those presentations where you just shake your head in amazement, nod in agreement and think how immoral and corrupt big business is….

So Sally spoke first of all about ‘ The Cholesterol Hypothesis’ , the much publicised notion that we should reduce our saturated fat intake to reduce the risk of heart disease, that we should lower our cholesterol levels to reduce our risk of heart disease and we should lower our cholesterol by eating less saturated fat and increasing ‘heart- friendly oils’. She also told us how she would show us that it is lettuce that gives us heart disease…hmm, I wasn’t sure but I was prepared to listen!

Did you know the first recorded heart attack was in 1921? Since then this has increased of course, but despite all the media coverage and pressure to reduce saturated fats (which has happened), lower cholesterol (which isn’t coming down) deaths from heart attacks haven’t changed much over the last 20/30 years.¬† It’s also worth noting that Crisco, the first vegetable oil to be sold, was launched in 1913.

Sally spoke of how the increase of vegetable and seed oils have increased rapidly, the profits for these companies increased dramatically, but the obesity, cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart problems are still increasing. She gave us snappy little insights as to how the level of cholesterol at which Americans would be tested and subsequently treated was set (arbitrarily) and how scientists who publicly disagreed with the new theories were black balled. Fascinating and depressing all at the same time.

It was also interesting to see the flawed and deliberately concealed information in research that tried to show the health professionals and the public why saturated fat and cholesterol were bad. We also saw the results of study after study saying how having a low cholesterol level is much more worrying to health, especially for brain function and mood.

Statins were of course discussed and when you realise they are medication given to the most people and making the big Pharmas a gazillion dollars, you can understand why they do not want people to get well. Keep ’em medicated, despite the fact they will not alter the risk of you dying of a heart attack. Yes they will probably lower your cholesterol level, but given that cholesterol level and heart disease have no correlation its a nonsense.

So you’re wondering what causes high cholesterol then? Refined carbohydrates for sure, over-using the vegetable and seed oils and lifestyle choices. The very things we have been told to do to improve our health and lower our risk. Sally called this ‘genocide’ — it sounded strong, but with the evidence she showed us, you can see that the big businesses have too much to lose by us knowing how to restore our own health naturally. We have also all been told for so long to not eat saturated fats, that even if people know they can, they still balk at the idea. How many of you would pour sunflower oil on your new warm slice of bread? Not many, but I bet you would be happy to put butter on? I know I would, and do!

I could go on and on about this, but suffice to say it will be the topic of our next talk sometime in May after all the Bank Holidays.

That was day one done. It was 20.45, I was tired but exhilarated. It had been a complete day from the foods available to eat (I’d had great traditional food all day: Soaked porridge and real cream for breakfast, grass fed beef, salad and fermented veggies for lunch and hog roast, sourdough rye bread and salads for dinner) , to the people I met, the exhibitors and the speakers.

Day two (part iii) tomorrow!

P.S Want to know why Sally said lettuce caused heart disease? Because we’re all eating salad all year around (despite the seasons) and chucking salad dressing all over it, what’s in salad dressing? Vegetable oil – ergo, lettuce causes heart disease!

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