‘Hungry for Change’



Hungry for Change is an online documentary that is available free to watch until 31 March before it goes on sale. Everyone should watch this. It’s 90 minutes long but worth it. And it’s not just because this ‘is my thing’ that I enjoyed it, it’s a message to everyone.

Some people don’t really care what shape they are in, that’s fine but most of us care how we look facially. Is our skin clear, do we look old for our years or young, do we look grey or fresh, do we have bags under our eyes? Others may not worry too much about looks and would rather be pain free or illness free or symptom free of nagging conditions that keep getting them. All these things are reasons to change how you feel about yourself and improve your situation.

This video shows you why we’re in this state and what to do about it. I watched it purely for eduction first, but by the end I was in tears because the answer is there for everyone, but you have to do it for yourself no one is going to do it for you.

The presenters have all been through from the dark side to the bright side. They speak passionately and simply as to why we need to wake up and become a new, healthy, good looking, energised you!

Do one thing for yourself and watch this, then tell others about it too. We owe it to ourselves and our children to pass this message on. Remember what Phil Richards said to me in his little video? Well the message is the same. Stop eating crap. Stop thinking crap. Stop feeling crap. Start your life.

Here endeth today’s lesson! 🙂

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